aHouse is a suite of 3 websites to do with property and local living.

aHouse.UK.Net is a for finding and advertising houses.

Homm.co.uk is the FREE property portal for properties marketed by Estate Agents.
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Living Rooms


WebEpic.co.uk is a Visual Directory of websites that are to do with property, building, furniture, community, schools, shops and local businesses.
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For example ...

Heritage Bathrooms

Heritage Bathrooms

Sun 19th Apr
Washrooms & Plumbing
Beautifully-coordinated products that will help you to create your own idea of a perfect bathroom.
Runnymede Homes

Runnymede Homes

Sun 19th Apr
Property Developers
Meticulous attention to detail and determination not to accept 'second best' ensures that we deliver homes to an exceptional standard.