aHouse is a suite of 3 websites to do with property and local living.

aHouse.UK.Net is a for finding and advertising houses.

Homm.co.uk is the FREE property portal for properties marketed by Estate Agents.
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Living Rooms



WebEpic.co.uk is a Visual Directory of websites that are to do with property, building, furniture, community, schools, shops and local businesses.
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For example ...


20 Oct
Paint, Wallpaper & Fabric
Zoffany has established a reputation for high quality and innovative design, providing a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic in both contemporary and period interiors.
Marlborough Tiles
Marlborough Tiles

Tue 28th Oct
Flooring & Tiles
We use only the finest materials to create beautifully crafted English hand painted wall tiles, complemented perfectly by our exceptional European floor tile collection.
Cortica Chic
Cortica Chic

09 Oct
Cork Bags, Cork Handbags, Cork Jewellery, (Necklaces and Bracelets), Cork Footwear, Cork Hats, Cork Umbrellas and much more. Hand-crafted in Portugal, our Cork Fashion Accessories are Sustainable and Eco-friendly.