About Us

aHouse is created by  Ah! Ha!! Software Limited, which is a small group of independent developers around the UK.

Jon Castle

Jon Castle

Based in Walton-on-the-Hill in Surrey, formerly a programmer for blue chip companies in the Telecoms, Imaging and Investment Banking sectors, I've been working on software in the property & community sectors for the last 4 years.
My vision is to create a property portal that incorporates the selling of AHouse, through estate agents, and the creation of AHome.
With links to the community, professional services, interior design ideas and a products directory I am trying to build a 'one stop' website that will simplify the complex process of moving home. 

Most of all we need to list more properties, so if you are an estate agent, please, simply register and put 1 or more of your properties here. To register go to: /register/agent

Follow us on Twitter:  twitter.com/AHouseUKNet
Contact me jon@ahouse.uk.net
or phone: 01737-300644

Marten Hynard

Marten HynardI'm a freelance photographer specialising in property, interior and architectural work. My involvement with AHouse is with graphics and sales.
I am based in Tunbridge Wells and can be contacted at marten@ahouse.uk.net

Liz Browning

Living near Nottingham, with a deep-rooted connection to the housing market, Liz brings her knowledge of advertising and sales, her flair for simple uncluttered layouts and large high quality imaging to the AHouse website.

If you are interested in getting involved with the development of this website please CONTACT US.
aHouse is in development 24/7 and you can see changes in the site every day.

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